May of 2014, I decided to give this crazy wrap a try. I had thyroid and other issues and over the years it caused me to gain a lot of weight even though I had always been a healthy eater! Went from a size 8 to a size 16! I had enough I finally went to a specialist in 2009 to see what was causing the weight gain. Well my matabalisim was completely shut down & a few other things with thyroids. Once all that got resolved and the weight came off, I was left with some loose skin. My daughter told me about a friend that had just the thing for it, called the body wrap that I should try it and she was coming over that day. So when she got there I asked her about it she explained what it did so I purchased the whole box of wraps from her, I wanted to start right away. That night I applied the wrap to my stomach.  I was so impressed with the results the next morning I immediately signed up as a distributor.  I knew once my family& friends heard about my results they would want to experience it themselves. The next day I decided to wrap my arms, after 45 minutes my results were incredible!  My daughter Michelle decided to join me on this journey after experiencing results with the wrap on her stomach. We love workingthis business together. In two in a half months I am now in a size 4! I love that this is a Christian business and that they donate large amount of money to needy causes, like “Children’s Cup” in Africa,  which Joe & I are a big part of, wr have a sponsor child that we get to see & spend time with every time we go there!

 ~Gail Martin